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Our company specializes in the production of water well drilling rigs (rotary table, power head), which can meet the requirements of technology: 1 positive mud circulation, 2 reverse mud circulation, 3 air DTH hammer, 4 air lift reverse circulation (without complete crushing, improve drilling efficiency), 5 Hydraulic DTH hammer (without air compressor), engineering drilling rig, agricultural machinery and other mechanical equipment. Committed to providing users with the most suitable equipment for practical use, and has strong design capabilities. Individual product customization can be implemented without any additional charges. We insist on comparing with similar products at home and abroad, and always ensure the advanced nature of our products.

A good product is not necessarily the most technological and advanced, but it must be the most in line with the actual needs. To make this product, we can not rely solely on designers. We know this well, so we have two groups of design teams for the product. A group of after-sales engineers with more than 30 years of domestic and foreign construction experience, and a group of designers with rich working experience graduated from well-known colleges and universities, which are based on professional division of labor (mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, material forming, mechanical and electronic engineering, manufacturing engineering, etc.). We will combine the rich practical construction experience and the most top professional theoretical knowledge to meet your various needs.

We are not only familiar with the products, but also familiar with the human environment, construction environment and stratum of domestic and foreign construction areas. We can provide you with all-round product selection suggestions and product customization. To provide you with the greatest technical support to help your cause take off.

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    Specialized R&D of water well drilling rig

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